Cannabis is Medicine



The mission of Phytolive Organic is to educate and tell the truth about cannabis and hemp. So I’m happy to finally begin curating this “Cannabis is Medicine” blog!


Do you realize that cannabis aka weed/marijuana/reefer/ganja/“that good” is actually medicine? 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. We ALL have receptors throughout our entire bodies that only cannabis/“that good” can unlock. Even our pets have these same receptors. Yes! Our bodies are just waiting for some weed! LOL! Funny isn’t it? But so true. It’s called the Endocannabinoid System and it keeps our bodies in balance. Unfortunately the schools of medicine have not yet embraced cannabis as medicine. They haven’t even started teaching future doctors and nurses that we all have an ECS! Well if you don’t know…  now you know. Learn more by clicking on links below. 

Dr. Mechoulam- Father of Cannabis Research                 

Dr. Patricia Frye- Pioneering Medical Cannabis Physician  

Dr. Rachel Knox- Endocannabinologist

Dr. Chanda Macias- CEO and Owner of National Holistic Healing Center