I’m Coming Out! (In my Diana Ross singing voice)


My name is Rhonda Chavis and I am the founder of Phytolive Organic. I am an entrepreneur, educator, and advocate. Phytolive Organic grew out of my desire to live my most authentic life. As it turns out, living my most authentic life includes telling the truth about cannabis. Like so many other Generation Xers, I was indoctrinated with propaganda, lies and negative stereotypes regarding the use of cannabis. Add to that, growing up in the Bible Belt. Add to that, working for the past 20 years as a professional K-12 educator and you have a woman who wasn’t too keen on openly discussing the benefits of cannabis for obvious reasons.

Having recently retired as an international school counselor, I am happy to finally emerge from the cannabis closet to launch Phytolive Organic! In addition to providing the highest quality hemp derived CBD products and customer service; the mission of Phytolive Organic is to provide trusted hemp and cannabis education and to help remove the stigma that has long been associated with this amazing plant.

The vision of Phytolive Organic is to ultimately have cannabis legalized and regulated in the state of North Carolina and throughout the remaining states where it is still illegal. If you feel the same way hit me up on our contact page and let’s get this party started! If you are clueless or canna-curious about hemp and CBD (and you live in the Piedmont Triad area) then consider signing up for a free class by clicking on this link.

I look forward to meeting and organizing with like minded individuals in North Carolina and beyond. I do hope you will join me in the quest to live our most authentic and best lives! Because I ain’t going back and forth with you. Smile B! (In my Lil Duval voice).


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